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Why we're unique

Mobility Public Relations is the first full-service PR agency created specifically for mobile technology and businesses. Focusing solely on mobile technologies better positions MoPR to build expertise, share information and create compelling PR campaigns. Since its founding "MoPR" has served a wide range of businesses, from venture seeking start-ups to decades-old public corporations. Creating impact through comprehensive communications programs that advance client business objectives, the team at MoPR employs aggressive communications strategies including both traditional and social media PR components to deliver results that matter.

MoPR is at the forefront of the trends and technologies influencing and changing the way the PR industry works with media and clients. Working with SEO experts, MoPR developed our own social media newswire, MobilityWire® ( to distribute client news directly to bloggers and the Internet news community in a rich and interactive format. MoPR's social media press kit portal hosts clients press kits tailored specifically for the media, giving reporters, bloggers and analysts a searchable one-stop-shop of company news and multimedia information.

Learn more about MoPR's award-winning corporate and product communications at

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