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The perfect blend of technology and strategic thinking

Newlio helps you identify and reach the people who matter most to the success of your organization. Their insights are gathered through an engaging online experience and carefully analyzed to find truly actionable data.

Newlio provides efficient tools to help you make more informed decisions. Access our real-time reports, data tables and visualizations; plus a team of experts to turn meaningful insights into breakthrough intelligence.

Customization & Branding
Conversational Question Flow
In-Question Images
Post-Survey Opt-In
Custom Redirect
Millions of Qualified Respondents
Tailored Assessment & Scoring
Google Analytics Integration

Marketing Research With Immediate ROI:
How can we be certain you’ll generate the most actionable insights available? Our In-Survey Decision technology provides the opportunity for survey participants to put their money where their mouth is. When applicable, we can include Purchase, Promotion or Donation capabilities within your survey experience – delivering insights with perspective and immediate revenue.

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