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About Our Man In Havana

Our Man In Havana is a New York-based creative consultancy offering advertising, design and strategic services to a select group of discriminating clients.

We serve clients seeking creative help to solve specific business issues, or those simply looking for smarter ways to connect with their customers.

Our product: strategically focused, beautifully executed ideas.

We believe our success is based entirely on the success of our clients. As such, we approach every project with the goal of creating something innovative, meaningful and effective.

The most effective work is always born out of a true fusion of strategic and creative disciplines. We employ a collaborative process where the exchange of ideas within all of our individual areas of expertise results in work that typically goes beyond traditional thinking and is strategically charged throughout.

Our core services include strategic development, print, design, broadcast, online, and media planning & buying.

However, we believe a creative solution can take shape as almost anything, so we prefer to approach projects in search of the best idea, and then determine the best vehicles. What will be the most effective way to tell the story, change perceptions or drive sales?

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