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Why we're unique

Peppercomm is an award-winning strategic communications and marketing firm with more than 100 employees headquartered in New York City, with offices in San Francisco and London. Combining the deep insight of established experts with the entrepreneurial spirit of an up-and-comer, our fun, independent culture allows us to excel strategically, think holistically, explore creatively, work nimbly, and continually attract and enlist strategic thinkers from a variety of fields.

From the onset, we have built an agency based on ideas and on the people that champion them; on what's coming next, where the industry is going vs. where it's already been. Our best practice centers on inventing (and then reinventing) best practice. Accordingly, we welcome challenge because it feeds innovation.

Our culture recognizes that every Peppercommer is in some way an agent of change. This entrepreneurial spirit is part of our DNA, and has allowed us to repeatedly cultivate award-winning ideas. Not to mention award-winning talent.

One more thing - and this is a biggie. We think fun is good. Fun builds a certain esprit de corps. It breaks down the walls to allow more fluid collaboration. It keeps egos at bay and ideas flowing. So while we are very serious about the work we do for our clients, we try hard not to take ourselves too seriously.

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