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About Us

Pink Hippo Productions is a digital cinema production house founded in Chicago. Consider us as a one-stop shop for production in film, television, commercial, corporate, and even live events.

Birthed by a collaborative team of three progressive filmmakers, Pink Hippo Productions is experienced in the latest techniques in digital filmmaking. With creativity, professionalism, and rhythmic workflow, Pink Hippo is sought out for its dynamic cinematic expertise. As artists, it is important that every frame is composed with precision, harmonizing beautiful lighting and buttery camera movement through seamless post-production.

Pink Hippo specializes in narrative filmmaking and is building an extensive portfolio ranging from television shows, documentaries, music videos, viral/web content, extreme sports, table tops, commercial specs and more. No matter what your next project calls for, Pink Hippo will work with you closely to develop a visually exquisite piece of digital cinema.

PHP can oversee a project from pre-production to principle photography to post-production, and can hop on board any time during its fruition. We are armored with an arsenal of the latest in HD cinema equipment and specialty gear. Climb to new horizons with Pink Hippo Productions.


Pink Hippo Productions

We provide full services from development in pre-production, shooting in principle photography, to an array of editing abilities in post-production. The streamlined processes that come with having everything under one roof are why our productions come in on time, under budget, and above expectations. You can also utilize the toys we own and attach our owners as key crew-members.

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