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About Us

Everything we do is defined by our clients metrics

PrecisionDemand creates real value for clients as a result of the strategic, targeted, customer-focused approach that we take in addressing our clients’ TV advertising. We possess strategic technology capabilities that far exceed those of our agency peers in tools allowing us to append customer data to millions of TV viewers. Yet tools alone don’t solve problems. We’re effective because we know how to apply these tools to quantify your full opportunity on TV.

We help our clients market smarter - and we prove it

We can change the economics of what our clients do by quantifying the impact of the money they are spending. Our organization is built around the ability to predict the impact of TV. Data drives everything we do. Our aim is to provide analytics services that help turn data into actions that drive bottom-line business results. To that end, we immerse ourselves in our clients’ businesses because each is unique. We explore the key influencers that the target audiences experience on a daily, weekly, and/or monthly basis. In doing so we reduce the TV waste and in the process create transparency and visibility.

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