Great Branding from AMW Group
Budget Range
$20,000 - $60,000


We are a 25-year-old medical practice with over 5 locations in Southern California. We hired AMW to re-brand our entire company because we needed to modernize our message. The old ways of doing business are ever changing as we’re taken all precautions and setting up new marketing efforts for the future. When we first started with the branding, the team manager that was assigned to us was so dedicated he visited all of our locations and looked at every part of our branding from newsletters, to signs, out commercials, he was very thorough and kept our vision of the company. They delivered such remarkable results that it’s hard to describe the energy at our office now. The employees are proud the look of the new visuals, and our customers are giving us good feedback. With the marketing we are talking about with AMW, 2018's business projections are looking very healthy.

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