Do not trust! Alex disappears, has another FT job, and doesn't deliver
Budget Range
less than $20,000

Marketing Strategy

Super positive talk/positivity up front. I have now counted 19 failed contractual deliverables:
- 3 months late
- no strategy
- no SEO report (despite saying it was available and would be sent, and me asking for it for months afterwards)
- executed "design phase" without a strategy
- Alex (contract lead) failed to make his own meetings to review strategy
- Erica (the PM) made commitment after commitment to reply by a certain date, give feedback, or submit a deliverable, which were failed again and again
- None of the promised weekly reports, bi-monthly reviews, resource reports, etc were ever provided, despite repeated attempts to understand how my resources were being used
- Multiple strategists and team members from Auden who contacted me when Alex (CEO) wasn't there apologized for failing to deliver strategy, communicate, and so on, and agreed that executing designs without a "why" made no sense
- 6 months later: no social channels, no themes that would be used, no marketing funnels, no bookings system, no LinkedIn profile review, no offers that match my products/services

AND I found out that Alex hasn't been paying his employees, disappeared for days or weeks at a time, and he stopped communicating without ever saying why, answering expectations questions, and so on.

This was a full-scale disaster. Do not trust Auden Digital.

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