Do not waste your money!
Private User,Director in the Marketing and Advertising Industry
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less than $20,000

The old adage 'you get what you pay for' is 100% true when it comes to using this supposed brand agency.

I wasn't expecting that they would hit the nail on the head, but was hoping for some ideas that might spark some inspiration. So many of the examples they show on their website are excellent - do not expect ANYTHING like that in what you get delivered.

My brief was for a name for my marketing consulting business which focuses on relationships and helping people build professional connections. I said my clients are professional services firms, so no silly names (I specifically said this). The names I got back? Totally ridiculous names that had no connection whatsoever to my brief - names like 'Solid Scoops', 'Biztopian', 'CaptiBuzz', 'Tip Top Hype', 'Buzzing Bulbs' and 'Yes Peers' where just a few of the highlights. It is clear that they just have some kind of random name generator that they use, and just a huge master list that they pull names from - there is no tailoring or customisation whatsoever.

I went back with detailed feedback and asked for my additional 10 names which they promise you if you're not happy - the result? 10 more ridiculous names - and to verify my thoughts that they just pull from a random list, they even gave me 'Solid Scoops' for a second time even though that was one I specifically talked about in my feedback! I went back to Sophie and said it was clear they were pulling from a pre-determined list, they had in no way met my brief, and I was really disappointed in what was a total waste of time and money.

No response. They have taken my money and run.

My advice - you will come up with better names yourself! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

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