Great team to work with
Private User in the Computer Software Industry
Budget Range
$20,000 - $60,000


While we interviewed many different contractors and consultancies prior to hiring CodigoDelSur, the choice was fairly easy after talking to them. First, they had extensive experience in the mobile app development and Ruby on Rails spaces, which mirrored our existing tech stack. Second, they had a large team that had performed many payment processor integrations in the past, which would be useful experience in the problem we were working on. Finally, and most importantly, they provided great customer service and exuded a great culture.

Working with them has been great - they take a very agile approach to development, which reflects our own organizational approach. Their flexible when we need them to be, and are very proactive about solving problems when we don't have time to be as hands on with their projects. We're in the process of wrapping up our first major project with them (migrating to a new payment processor) and are planning additional projects moving forward.

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