We Stopped Random Acts of Marketing by Working with DEKSIA
Budget Range
$20,000 - $60,000


We chose Deksia because of their approach. Our messaging was not resonating because we did not have a Marketing Strategy, nor did our brand have a clear vision. Deksia helped understand why our brand was not resonating with our target audience.

We wanted an Agency that could handle our needs in-house, and act as our marketing department, but allowed me to make decisions with guidance.

One always makes a leap of faith when entering into a new arrangement. Our clients must do that too. Deksia helped us understand the why we need help, and why Deksia.

There were 2 points when we knew we got it right. First, the Deksia team showed us our hidden weaknesses. The things we could feel, but could not identify. They saw it and were not afraid to share the the truth. They adjusted to our need to "cut to the chase" or no nonsense.
Second, the first step in their process was to look at an entire marketing strategy, Magnetic Marketing Plan. This identified all the major elements, laid out a budget, and timeline. They did this quickly, and effectively. Deksia demonstrated value in the first meeting.

We are at the early stages of going to market, but we know through a marketing dashboard what the ROI is on the spend; what is working and why.

My biggest concern at this point is scaling up my business infrastrucre fast enough!


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