Brilliant creative, strategic thinking delivered on time and at a reasonable price point
Private User,Chief Medical Officer at Michigan Healthcare Professionals in the Health, Wellness and Fitness Industry
Budget Range
$60,000 - $120,000


We hired Division of Labor to help us launch our laser tattoo removal clinics. They helped us with everything from naming the company to designing our website and writing and producing a radio campaign, as well as providing us with an ongoing stream of social media assets. We were presented with three different creative directions, one conservative, one middle of the road, and the third pretty edgy. We decided to go with option three. It was right on brand and a lot of fun for an audience that doesn’t take itself too seriously. In the end, the campaign was a complete success. It literally put us on the map as the go-to clinic for safe and effective results. People still laugh about our commercials to this day.

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