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greater than $200,000

We were looking for an Agency of Record to catapult us forward strategically with digital experience and fortitude. We also knew we needed a complete brand refresh, and found IQ's staff and philosophies resonated well with ours. Their prowess in leveraging data and research, including personas, to guide their creative strategies and innovative thinking have allowed us to thrive and meet our business goals and objectives. For instance, specific campaigns have helped us grow our annual percentage of millennial members in the double digits year after year. We not only have launched a new brand and website that's fresh and inviting, but our conversions have continuously been above industry benchmarks as a result. Also, in a single 3-week campaign, IQ helped us garner more than 600 member testimonials - lengthy and filled with emotion and brand resonance - that are evergreen in nature and ideal for video production. I highly recommend IQ as a strong, collaborative partner that knows and understands digital and will help take your company to the next level.

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