Medeat project branding in Cooperation with Lazy snail
Budget Range
$120,000 - $200,000


We, in Heraklion Development Agecny, cooperate the last 10 years with Lazy Snail for our communication channels and also for the branding of our projects all over Europe. From the early stages of our cooperation Lazy Snail showed up extensive professionalism, great & creative ideas, and also qualitative results. We always value their opinion on consultation and marketing issues not only for our projects but also for the same the agency too. "Medeat" was and remains one of our "stars" awarded projects that was fully designed by Lazy Snail team. Together and in cooperation with 14(!) other agencies all over Europe we developed the following results:
1. Brand of the project
2. Information booklets and maps
3. IT Apps for the project
4. Video - presentations
5. Photos and graphics for the project results
6. International Exhibitions stand's design and accompanying gadget's designs and outputs
7. Educational material printed and online for children, teachers and parents.
In general, based in our experience, working with Lazy Snail is like making the best choice for branding.

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