Couldn't have started my business without them! Simply amazing!!!!
Budget Range
$20,000 - $60,000


We hired Maxburst to help us create an e-commerce site, from scratch, for our newly launched sock company for men with large feet. At the time we met with Andrew and Amanda, all we had was a name, logo and a Dream. They helped build, what is today, a fabulous, multi-media storefront for our family business.

From mock up ideas, to creating the site, to giving our photographer product photo specifications, to populating each visual component, they were there holding our hands. The website looks amazing!

Equally as important is its functionality, and that's where they shine even more. Our family business is our first entre into the e-commerce world so we knew nothing about Word Press, Woo,, Shipstation, shipping options,; we were clueless. Amanda worked tirelessly with our IT consultant, and made everything work perfectly. What's even more helpful is that when a problem arises, she is ALWAYS available to help us troubleshoot.

The Team at Maxburst are an extension of our family. We're not sure what we'd do without them. They turned our dream into a reality, and we hope to go onward and upward with them to make the successful business that we expect it to be!

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