Inspiring experience and creative work
Budget Range
$20,000 - $60,000

We made this choice, because this company has been on the Belarusian market for a long time and has established itself as a creative team with fresh non-trivial ideas that catch and remember. In addition, it was important for us that Moloko is regularly in the top of Belarusian agencies, and also won such a prestigious award as RedDot. Fresh ideas are important for our company, because the main audience of our product is young people under 35 years old. And it seemed to us that Moloko agency would do the best for this target audience.

We realized that we had made the right choice when the guys showed their ideas at the first presentation. It was so fresh, unconventional, innovative and brave that we immediately realized that we had made the right choice. Further work and communication with the agency only confirmed this idea: the team has a very flexible mind and broad outlook, designers work quickly and efficiently, the art director thinks several steps ahead, perfectly understand trends and knows how to surprise both the client and the market. So we were absolutely delighted.

As a result, the Moloko team made for us a design that we fell in love with at first sight.

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