The best "go-to" creatives I know, delivering an ROI that will defy all expectations.
Budget Range
$120,000 - $200,000

Experiential Marketing

You know that feeling you get when you've just defied what you thought was possible? Crushing every target set and accomplishing more than any person would believe achievable?

Shock, awe, and high-fives all around – that's how it feels when you finish a project with the OutCold team.

I've had the pleasure to work with OutCold in the past, with a mutual retail client we represented. Since I left the hospitality, food & beverage, and entertainment industry seven years ago, to technology, I've been waiting for the opportunity to work with OutCold again. Why? Because as a marketer, we all love to believe we can be disruptive in the market, but traditional conventions hold us back. The OutCold team partnered with our team, encouraging us to "go for it," leveraging their expertise, ultimately curating and executing a campaign that had even our competitors calling me to say, "WOW! Your company is making quite a splash!"

Our campaign with OutCold not only accelerated our company's brand awareness – it created genuine engagement with our customers. The connections fostered on our tour delivered more than anyone anticipated:

The Stats:
– 10-week road tour

– 138 customer accounts visited

– Closed over $450k in current quarter business

– Generated over $3.4 million in sourced pipeline

– Over 600K live impressions

– Over 5.5k branded swag distributed

– Social media content and engagement galore!

With OutCold, we achieved the best of both worlds: we delivered great customer happiness and incredible ROI to the business.

I'm once again, counting down the days until I work with the OC team!

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