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"I have worked with SociallyIn for the past 10 years now, and also worked with them in a previous role at another organization. Most recently, and in my previous role, I worked with them in website development and as well as development of a social media engagement strategy. I have found them incredibly helpful and great to work with both times. It has been incredibly helpful to have an extended team of technical experts to advise on our web and social media strategy. With the latest project – SociallyIn provided excellent recommendations and advice, as well as customer service. Our account manager is very on top of things and is a great communicator. SociallyIn has been very patient with us and were flexible to accommodate our busy schedules. They have provided excellent and timely support, and I am very impressed with our results so far. In the past, they rushed to get everything done for us and we were able to meet our launch deadline. The finished projects perfectly matches our vision, and we are extremely happy with the result. On the social media front, there is no way we would have been able to gain the successes we have had on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn without SociallyIn. They are great about suggesting content, posting regularly, monitoring and responding to social media inquiries. They also monitor and analyze the metrics/statistics to show us what’s happening across the various platforms. I have regular weekly calls with the social media team, and they are incredibly personable and have really taken the time to understand our organization, mission, and objectives. They have exceeded my expectations on all fronts. We have met all of our social media engagement targets, thanks to the SociallyIn team."

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