Unquestionably the best agency I've worked with.
Budget Range
greater than $200,000

Taxi had a pre existing relationship with Carlsberg Group before I started working with them locally in the UK but from attending global workshops I could already tell they were a bit different from all the other agencies...in a good way. Their passion for the brand was palpable and their expertise and knowledge ran deep.
When I needed work on local Carlsberg projects and in particular a huge reinvigoration project for the Brand, Taxi Studio was the natural choice for me. Simply because of the quality of their work, their proactivity, the willingness to always go beyond in pursuit of great work for the brand but mostly because they are all a great bunch of people. Working with Taxi never feels like a client / agency transaction. It feels like working with a group of mates who all just want to do great work. And that shows in the results. I don't just consider the team at Taxi Studio as great business partners, I consider them as friends, and there aren't many times I've come out of hugely complex and pressured projects feeling that!

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