Outstanding Expertise in MVP development
Private User,PM in Hiring Agency in the Human Resources Industry
Budget Range
$20,000 - $60,000


I was working with You are launched in 2018. My agency had an idea to simplify a hiring process in Germany. The main idea was to combine Firms & Applicants but with one "killer feature" - Video CV.

As my organisation is quite big and decisions can take couple weeks to approve. We decided to find a partner that would be able to handle all the process for the idea validation & MVP launch. And we found the one.

You are launched created iOS & Android MVPs in 3 months and we were able to start the test. Later on, we updated the app, and launched a redesigned copy without video CV for better testing process.

Since that time, we are working with them from time to time on our app update, and are sure we will be in future.

Highly recommend to work with them. Especially if the time launch is very important for you.

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