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About Schollnick Advertising

When it comes to media buying, many factors need to be considered. Obviously, buying the most media for the least amount of money is important. Also important is matching the demographic, or target audience with the correct advertising. It would not be efficient to pitch bubble gum to the over 60's crowd.

Schollnick Advertising LLC excels in Brand Reasoning. We give the consumers solid reasons to buy our clients' products. We believe that the message is more important than the medium. We know how to make products stand out from the crowd.

Clients of Schollnick Advertising LLC have access to a special section to view ads in progress and view past creative efforts.

We'll put your ad dollars to work with maximum efficiency. Schollnick Advertising LLC will buy media at the lowest rates available while making sure the creative production matches your vision of your product. The consumer will be given solid reasons to buy your product. It's what we refer to as "Brand Reasoning," a term developed by Schollnick Advertising LLC .

Contact us today for a complimentary marketing analysis of your product and current advertising strategies.

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