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Jekyll and Hyde Advertising and Marketing

Jekyll and Hyde Advertising and Marketing


ABOUT JEKYLL AND HYDE - NO OTHER ADVERTISING AGENCY CAN HELP YOU SELL MORE CONSUMER PACKAGED GOODS. ADVERTISING HAS ONE PURPOSE: SELLING PRODUCTS. Jekyll and Hyde is a full-service boutique advertising agency made up of seasoned professionals who are passionate about the purpose of advertising: selling more products to more people more often. For over two decades, we have worked hard to develop a reputation as an agency that moves the needle for challenger brands in the CPG space, including food/beverage, HBC and OTC drug. While that has been our core focus, we also work with category leaders with a challenger mindset and younger companies with unique products that are capable of aggressive growth. Our team is a collective of strategists and intelligent media buyers, creatives and producers, and traditional and digital artists (TV, radio, web, digital, print and packaging); and we are passionate about making advertising that sells more products. A CHALLENGER MINDSET Jekyll and Hyde Advertising and Marketing is the premier agency for CPG brands that approach their businesses with a challenger mindset. What does it mean for a brand to think like a challenger? It means constantly striving for exponential growth. It means being nimble, strategic and tactical, and always looking for opportunities that category leaders ignore. It means thinking about business problems differently and finding new solutions to old problems. Most of all, it means focusing on the performance of the advertising message and media dollars. Jekyll and Hyde specializes in creating the most cost-efficient and effective advertising campaigns for traditional, digital and social media. When you’re ready to work with America’s best advertising agency for challenger brands – and make your ad spend work harder than ever – contact us. OUR SERVICES We specialize in advertising and marketing for CPG challenger brands, focusing on efficiency, performance and results. To meet our clients’ varied needs, we have developed a unique and broad skill set that covers everything from traditional advertising avenues to new media opportunities, integrated into a holistic method. WHO IS JEKYLL & HYDE? Jekyll & Hyde is the leading agency for emerging and challenger brands and products. • We provide cost-effective go-to-market strategies. • 100+ CPG companies have partnered with us because of our experience and expertise. • We produce campaigns and messaging that move products off shelves. • We provide CPG-focused strategic thinking and access to insights, contacts and data that is usually not affordable for most small to mid-sized firms. Jekyll & Hyde is not the right agency for everyone. • We are selective and seek partners who are willing to learn and demonstrate the desire to grow and succeed in their category. • We are not just a vendor to clients; we are Strategy Architects, Advocates, Guides, Collaborators and Partners to our clients. • If your goal is to find corners to cut to save money on your advertising, we are not the agency for you. But if you are looking to exponentially increase your sales, let’s talk. Sales are not the most important thing. They are the ONLY thing. • Money spent this week needs to show up in next week’s POS numbers. • CPG firms should avoid agencies that promise “brand awareness” and “intent-to-buy” because you can’t put either in your bank account. • Name awareness does not equal sales; if it did, Kmart would be wildly successful. CPG MARKETING Since Jekyll & Hyde was first enlisted to develop a strategy for a consumer product launch and helped grow the brand from relative obscurity to #1 in the category, we have focused on CPG products. We have a deep understanding of the retail landscape. We know how to read and analyze IRI data and other industry metrics, so we can constantly improve live campaigns. We also have strong relationships with buyers and retailers. Our approach is to find the right balance between building brands and delivering messages that activate consumers to buy products. This is paired with our smart, tactical approach to media buying, which has helped us build efficient, effective campaigns for our clients. The results speak for themselves. RETAIL RELATIONSHIPS Jekyll & Hyde has strong relationships with the world’s largest retailers. We represent CPG products in every major retailer in the nation. We have access to buyers, speak their language and know how to work within their varied guidelines to meet the myriad requirements imposed on CPG companies. SERVICES & CAPABILITIES Strategy & Creative Services • Concepting & Message Strategy • Integrated Campaigns • Market Research & Analytics • Content Creation • Copywriting • Neuro-linguistic Programming Production • Television & Video • Radio • Packaging • Print • Web & Digital Assets Media Planning & Buying • Traditional (TV, Radio, Podcasts, Print, Out-of-Home) • Digital • Paid Search • Social Media (Organic & Paid) Web Development & Strategy • Web Analytics • Web Design & Development • Ecommerce • SEO Optimization

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