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DISRUPTIVE IDEAS THROUGH MEDIA ARTS - TBWA creates and manages brand behavior in the modern world through Disruptive Ideas brought to life across the Media Arts landscape. Our focus is not only to be the best advertising agency network but also to be one of the most creative companies in the world. And with the world, and our network, growing even more complex, it is important to have common ground. Disruption is always our starting point for any brand, global or local. Not only does it drive the strategic development of our client solutions by challenging and overturning the conventions of any marketplace; it also creates a common language and understanding across our network for the brands we lead. Defining the Disruptive Strategy, however, is only half of the equation. The other half is to make sure that we craft an idea brief from the right perspectives and engage the right disciplines so that we make full use of the Media Arts landscape. Every agency in the TBWA network is fluent in Disruption and Media Arts. It means that we are all constantly evaluating and documenting the shifts in the media landscape and their impact on audience behavior. And it is this commitment that allows us to serve global brands differently than our competition. TBWA is ranked as a top-10 worldwide advertising agency and was recognized by Advertising Age in 2010 as the “Best International Network of the Decade.” Fast Company magazine placed TBWA 24th on its 2009 list of “The World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies” and as an Innovation All-Star in 2010.

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TARGETING PROFITABLE GROWTH - We are experts in multi-channel customer acquisition who help our clients make complex targeting decisions, optimize marketing investment and generate profitable growth. WHAT WE DO We make targeting and channel integration simpler and more profitable by leveraging strategy, analytics and creativity. HOW WE DO IT We use lifetime value as a lens to focus on strategic marketing opportunities. We generate a Predictor Score and apply it to online and offline databases for modeling purposes. We segment your most valuable prospects based on needs, attitudes and behaviors and map each segment’s unique shopping pathway. We rank order customer acquisition marketing opportunities across multiple channels and recommend your most profitable strategy. We create highly engaging, breakthrough multichannel campaigns that leverage our proficient understanding of each channel and your prospects. WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT Our experience in regulated markets like insurance, financial services, telecom and healthcare allows us to understand complex customer acquisition challenges that face marketers in these industries and others. We create unique solutions that optimize your marketing investment in response to your prospects’ behavior. We help you leverage data so you can rapidly and precisely recalibrate your marketing mix. We have the “can do” attitude of a small agency, and the resources and strength of Omnicom, the world’s most respected Agency network.

100+ Staff
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