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Arthur Elliott

Arthur Elliott

Marketing Strategy

WHO WE ARE - Arthur Elliott is not another quick fix, jump-to-the-tactics agency. We are a human-centric, idea-driven, and holistically creative agency in Charlotte, North Carolina. We believe everyone is creative in some way. Creativity is the action of change; it begins with identifying a cause for change and asking “why.” We are always growing, as individuals and a company, which leads to seeing opportunities for growth in YOUR company. The roots of creativity are derived from problem solving. We care about you and your business. We hand-craft comprehensive solutions just for you. With years of expertise in digital advertising and brand design, Arthur Elliott brings a tried-and-true strategy to developing brands and businesses that will stand out in the world. OUR CORE VALUES Arthur Elliott is GRATEFUL to have woken up this morning and humbled by how we get to help our clients. We are PASSIONATE about what we do in all aspects from start to finish. We love that we get to be creative for our jobs and that permeates into everything we do. Arthur Elliott intentionally looks for places to GROW. If we are not collectively growing, we lack creativity and the ability to solve your problems. We are RESPONSIVE. We’ve all been left on hold before and know the frustration that comes with that. Without communication we are not a company. We hear you. PROCESS INSIGHT is how we learn anything and everything we need to know. We listen to everything, research all we can, and answer the 3 C’s with detail in order to understand the needs of our client and their brand. It is the foundation we build your house on. IDEATE is where we dream up your house based on the foundation we built. We think and brainstorm creatively while being calculated and keeping the solution to your problem on the front of our mind. We end up with your brand identity, an overarching theme for your story, and how we will share it. CREATING is pen on paper and chords on the guitar. It is when we bring your brand to life, develop the launch strategy, build it, test it, and show it to you. This is the process Arthur Elliott embraces when working with NAPA Auto parts, our biggest client, or Devils Logic, our most creative client, or when choosing where to go to lunch.

10 - 49 Staff
Multiple Cities
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