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Audience Innovation® – Magazine Cover Wrap Marketing Campaigns

Audience Innovation® – Magazine Cover Wrap Marketing Campaigns

Direct Marketing

TOUCH POINTS THAT MATTER® – MAGAZINE COVER WRAP & INTERACTIVE CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT PLATFORMS - Founded in 2005, Audience Innovation serves high-impact sales and marketing objectives to drive reliable ROI for clients both B2B and B2C targeting objectives. Our innovative targeting spans effective results across many categories for which we’ve developed an international reputation for precision delivery and valued ROI sales performance. Clients and agencies who engage Audience Innovation stay with Audience Innovation – Touch Points That Matter®. Audience Innovation is a touch point strategist, providing database marketing expertise to enable multi-tiered tangible touch points for client/agency partners. We provide adept delivery of highly-valued touch point solutions, and working with a client’s CRM and/or proven data providers for targeting precision, and delivery – i.e. we work with their database and/or we build it for you, all inclusive. Launched by Paul Kostial, President & CEO, Audience Innovation has long developed a reputation of excellence since our inception in 2006. Kostial was formerly with Time Inc. for 17 years, as VP Sales at Targeted Media, their former coverwrap division, and working with brands and clients. Prior to Time Inc., Paul was a planning director at well-known agencies including: Campbell-Ewald (DTW), Lintas (NYC), Bloom, Bozell, and Temerlin (DFW). • FOR MORE, Visit Us Online – • SCHEDULE, Visit Us Online – • Or CALL US for INFO & IDEAS – 888.241.6634,719

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Keenan Reid Strategies

Keenan Reid Strategies

Marketing Strategy

KEENAN REID STRATEGIES TURNS TRADITIONAL SALES & MARKETING CONSULTING ON ITS HEAD. - After a decade spent sitting in conference rooms around the world, I tired of leaders holding ineffective meetings that destroyed their team’s passion and initiative. I took a break. I travelled. I started a family. I became a nicer person. I got bored. I couldn’t stay away. I kept helping people solve problems. I realized there was a better way. Keenan Reid Strategies was started to help organizations that are launching, accelerating or transforming to increase marketing efficiency and improve sales effectiveness. But, we're doing it our way, for a new breed of business. We don’t help clients, we help people. We find the truth – we diagnose the root cause of problems by analyzing the right set of data from the reams that companies don’t know how to sort through. We tell the truth – we address the facts swimming just below the surface in every organization. We set the path – we map simple growth plans that enable leaders to engage everyone in the organization, guided by metrics that reinforce success. And most importantly, we hand it off – great strategists don’t make great implementers. We commit to enable your team’s implementation of the growth plan or transition to one of our cost-effective partner implementation agencies. Keenan Reid Strategies is named after my grandmothers, two women who taught me how to tell jokes and not take sh*t. Keenan Reid’s goal is to find the truth and set clear direction, using analytics and simple management tools to guide our way. If this philosophy appeals to you, let’s talk.

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