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THE BEST AGENCY YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT BUT PROBABLY DON'T - After decades of creating transformative advertising for some of the world’s most successful brands, we decided it was time to transform the advertising agency. Fed up with an industry hell bent on churning out disposable, short-term and short-sighted advertising that leaves clients short-changed, we founded Immortology. We specialize in creating long ideas that make more people notice, remember and feel good about your business right now and for years to come. So when they're ready to buy, they will gladly and consistently choose you over your rivals, driving much higher sales and growth – even if your product or service is more expensive. We hold our work to a higher and longer standard. Our marketing approach is evidence-based - not opinion-based. And the latest evidence says advertising works best when it is integrated across both old and new media and combines both long-term, brand-building campaigns to grow demand and short-term, direct response tactics to harvest it. The solutions we recommend are backed by decades of research and the success of our work. Everything we do for our clients - no matter how big or small - is meticulously crafted to maximize results now and in the future without cannibalizing either. The result is more insightful and powerful strategic plans, impossible to ignore and hard to forget creative executions and more impactful and efficient media placements. With a mission to help you outsmart, outgrow and outlast your rivals, we'll be your competitive advantage not another expense.

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Creative Outhouse

Creative Outhouse


WE LAUNCH STRONG, LASTING BRANDS. - We are an Atlanta-based creative marketing agency specializing in launching brands. Since 2001, Creative Outhouse has helped companies and organizations bring new brands to market and re-launch brands that needed a change. When things change, and you need a new way of looking at a problem, that’s when we’re brought in. We help uncover your brand and audience insights then we develop powerful creative marketing campaigns that turn your “target audience” into superfans. We take even the most complex messages and turn them into powerful creative and integrated campaigns that change the way people think, feel and act. If you’re creating a new brand, introducing a new service, reaching a new audience or just want to grow and what you’ve been trying isn’t getting it done, that’s where we shine. We have senior team that gets up to speed fast. We find the essence of your brand quickly and create compelling videos, commercials, digital ads, outdoor boards, collateral pieces and social media activations that connect with your audience and win them over. Launching or re-launching a brand is a discovery process. We are often developing creative messages from scratch and on that journey, we work as unified team with our clients. Our clients work with us for our thinking and execution. But also because they know when we start a creative marketing project, we’re all in. This attitude is reflected in our work and successful case studies. We create branded content, advertising, sales materials, digital content, branding materials and we plan and place paid media.

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