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About Silas J Media

The main priority of Silas J Media is to create leading web businesses. A simple website isn't enough in today's markets to position yourself ahead of your competition. Silas J Media provides an all in one solution to make your business dominant in your industry.

Our System Includes:

1) Responsive web design for all platforms (desktop computer, tablet, smart phone)
2) Content Management System (CMS) edit your web content live
3) Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) manage your clients through our advanced database
4) Build an online store (eCommerce) sell products and process payments on your website
5) Targeted Email System, built in auto response, monthly mail outs and order summaries etc.
6) Integrated Social Media, your favorite social media platforms link to your all in one system
7) Reporting & Analytics, analyze valuable information on your clients and visitors on your site
8) Unlimited Support Tickets, we provide unlimited support to solve your issues
9) ALL IN ONE SYSTEM- manage your business from one log in, on any computer

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