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Why we're unique

By leveraging ever-evolving Growth Hacking, Internet Marketing, Subscription Business Model, and Behavioral Targeting best practices mixed with a deep knowledge of the Principles of Persuasion & Customer Psychology, and tightly integrated with data and metric-driven decision making, we help Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies:

- Identify their Ideal Customer(s) and the buyer personas for each type of customer
- Reach and attract their ideal customers to their website
- Nurture and indoctrinate their potential customers to stay top of mind
- Design or optimize the sign-up, Free Trial, and customer on-boarding process to drive engagement
- Create an environment where conversion from trial to paying customer is the most logical decision
- Use Customer Success Mapping to drive continual value realization of value for long-term customer retention
- Implement methodologies and technologies to measure, manage, and improve the results of everything above

Clients that work with Sixteen Ventures find that their:

- Annual Contract Value (ACV) goes up
- Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) goes up
- Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC) go down
- Customer Churn goes down
- Dollar Revenue Retention (DRR) goes up
- Company valuation goes up

At Sixteen Ventures, we look at things differently and try to understand why things work the way they do. We pull together what works from different disciplines, business models, industries, etc. to make our clients as successful as possible.

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