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About Sosa&Sosa Consultation & Design

Welcome to Sosa and Sosa. We believe all good marketing begins with good storytelling - with compelling messages that connect our clients’ brand to a powerful human emotion. That’s what the world’s number one brands have been doing for years. We just do it with today’s toys. With simple technology that can make all it cheaper and better than ever before. We will utilize on-line and social media as the primary delivery system. Traditional media as the secondary.

But to make it work, we must know exactly what your customer wants to hear, when she wants to hear it, and where she wants to hear it. We must ask the question; what will make the customer care? What will make her respond?

Our services begin with a full day branding workshop that sets definite goals, defines the big ideas, sets budgets, assigns responsibilities and timelines, and agrees on how success will be measured. It ends with the achievement of our clients’ branding and sales goals.

Our approach works like magic because it takes the ambiguity out of the marketing planning process. The process is focused, uncomplicated and fast. It refuses to waste time on the inconsequential. It centers only on matters of substance. Best of all, it sells. And selling is what its all about.

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