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About Spritz Creative Ltd

Spritz Creative is a London based brand design agency specialising in luxury branding.

We're obsessively passionate about brands.

Hours and hours of non-stop work on the most miniscule of details, meticulous adjustments to reach pixel perfect precision. The view that nothing is insurmountable sums up exactly what we at Spritz are about.

In the midst of all the generic, obvious and lazy clichés that plague the world of design, we're there to excite, tantalise, and ultimately... seduce.

We build brands, ideas and a completely new way of thinking.
We sit in briefing and brainstorming sessions...buzzing with excitement where ideas, concepts, and creative bursts of brilliance are born.

Our 9+ years of creativity remain ocean deep. The combination of expertise and sheer dedication have been instrumental in delivering branding, print and interactive projects that are timeless and iconic.

The Spritz Treatment

Before putting pencil to sketchbook, we take the time to immerse ourselves in the brand, in the objective and ultimately the challenge that is presented to us.
It is with this type of intimate knowledge that we create unique and effective outcomes that deliver results time and time again.

An honest rapport with our clients has formed the basis of many long-term relationships and forged a business based on recommendations.

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