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Stone Mantel is a leading brand and customer experience strategy consulting firm. We specialize in collaborating with clients to solve the biggest brand and experience challenges they face.

Whether faced with major industry changes, operational challenges, communications issues or brand stagnation, Stone Mantel's approach with clients consistently unveils breakthrough information and business results to create customer experiences and meaningful brands that drive organizational success, product/service innovation and industry evolution.

How we're different:

*We are strategists, thought leaders and facilitators--we collaborate and co-create with our clients.

*We identify existing customer behavior, expectations and perceptions and close any gap between what the customer's experience is of a brand compared to what an organization defines that brand to mean.

*We use unique and proven research methodologies to help organizations overcome their greatest challenges and biggest questions. If an organization runs up against a seemingly impossible challenge, we are the ones to tackle it and turn the impossible into a new opportunity for great insight and success.

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