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About SugarFin Public Relations & Marketing Solutions

Sugarfin is an integrated public relations and marketing firm operating nationally and based in Charlotte, NC. By integrated, we mean that we are of the persuasion that PR and marketing work best as a cocktail, uniquely blended together to fit your company’s specific needs, personality and budget.

We offer tailored strategy and solutions that help you achieve your sales goals, increase the footprint of your company’s positive image and blow ROI out of the water.

Our favorite projects usually leverage social media strategy, online marketing and search engine optimization. However, we really are the Swiss Army Knife of PR and marketing firms, as we are adept at using tactics that range from web design to custom events to Google AdWords campaigns to branding for company or product launches to editorial placement in national magazines and everything in between. We keep our tools sharp and varied because we believe that each company we work with presents unique challenges in unique markets and deserves an equally as unique approach to attacking those challenges.

Giving back is essential to how we operate at Sugarfin. All of our clients are required to be charitably active and we aim to enhance these efforts. Sugarfin spends 15% of consulting hours on pro-bono charitable projects each quarter. The Give a Fin program lets clients and non-clients donate Sugarfin expertise to 501 (c)(3) non-profits. For more information on Give a Fin, email [email protected]

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