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Why we're unique

Who we are?

Your creative supermarket for Strategic Brand Development, Marketing, PR, Social Media Strategy & Implementation, Publication Design, Web Development, Production and Branded Experiential Events. As a multi-disciplinary Hybrid agency, we specialize in modern lifestyle brands including hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, retail, apparel, galleries, media publications and spirits. You could say we have a pretty fun job.

We get to collaborate with local to international brands, designers and architects to create and produce unforgettable concepts, advertising campaigns, public relation campaigns, environmental design, event launches, promotions and publicity stunts. With our sharp strategy & witty approach, we are successful at producing image conscious campaigns with high visibility -- that ultimately generate, the best buzz in and around town!

All of our work at Super Market Creative is of exceptional quality, fresh and can be wholesome should you please, though, we prefer to ruffle a few feathers. We have perfected a method and a style that we are proud to call our own; a style and method that can ensure you that our produce is second to none.

As if second nature to us, we successfully bridge the often, vast gap of art and commerce, whilst solidifying and developing a strong rapport with the tastemakers and pro-claimers of a modern and cutting edge lifestyle.

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