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Go video-first for a month of content in 20-mins.

We produce a bevy of cross-channel content from just one 20-minute on-camera session with a thought leader; videos (documentary, talk-show, or behind-the-scenes styles) written POV pieces, blog posts and more.

Content is king and video is the most compelling storytelling format, but consistently producing new content is a real challenge for most companies. Marketers who hurdle this issue to drive thought leadership and provide ongoing social proof have a distinct advantage in their respective industries.

The Content Mine helps marketing pros reduce the cost and complexity of producing compelling marketing content. We take a video-first approach that cascades into trans-media assets based on your needs. We have a simple monthly subscription model to help manage costs and promote cadence.


Compelling content assets

Here are a couple of video assets that represent the video aspects of our subscription-based content production. By starting with video, we are able to reduce the time commitment of your subject matter experts. We then transcribe the session and mine it for blog posts, POV pieces, tweets, and the like.

Client Reviews (3)

Critical thought leadership marketing for my consulting company

Video Production

Budget Range
$20,000 - $60,000

Michael and the rest of the Content Mine team are stellar at getting to the core of what makes you different and special. And then taking those insights and turning them into a steady stream of cross-channel assets, experiences, and tools.

They're a must for a modern brand that does social media marketing, thought leadership, and/or lead nurturing. As a busy consultant, I see the value in brining in an expert team to produce repeatable powerful results.

Helpfully, LLC
Marketing and Advertising
about 4 years ago
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