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Award-Winning Product Strategy and UX Design Firm

WANDR is a Product Strategy and UX Design firm based in Los Angeles. We are an agile, international team of experts with vast experience united under one common goal: help your business succeed.

At WANDR, our primary focus is to design great user experiences to enhance digital products and service offerings. Our approach derives from an understanding of your business, it’s identity and creative strategy.

We understand your goals, which enable us to identify the right creative strategy and direction that engages your target audience with your product or service offering. Our process consists of building your brand’s strategy on top of a solid understanding of your customers wants through qualitative research and their needs through quantitative analysis.

WANDR brings together the right people with the right chemistry. Our diverse and multidisciplinary team is the basis of our success. Each member brings a perspective based on their unique expertise allowing for a powerful combination of creative ideas and critical thinking.

We bring your visions to life with our world-class taste in mobile app, website and enterprise solution designs. Your next project deserves to be extraordinary. Let’s build it together

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