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About WebVixxen Design

WebVixxen Design is a fully-integrated boutique design agency based in Venice, California specializing in high-end design and branding.

Founded in 2003 by Lana Antonova, the creative force at the forefront of every project, WebVixxen Design prides itself on taking a comprehensive (holistic) and highly creative approach to site design and branding, integrating the visual to the commercial component, it ensures measurable results from the time of completion and moving forward . For its clients, this approach means increased revenues, brand recognition and on-going new interest from potential new customers. Applying these principles, WebVixxen has built up a large and impressive client list, including Sony, Fox, Ford Model Agency, Electronic Arts, and Sephora.

Commitment to excellence and hard work has earned Lana numerous awards and speaking engagements, including the 2007 Webster Award and the 2006-2007 Design Firms Web Award, speaking at The Art, LAVA - Venture Capitalist panel, MEDEA Awards, Brooks Institute, and The American Institute of Architects.

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