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Why we're unique

Are you Frustrated by your Online Strategy? Is your Online Brand consistent and controlled?

*Content Marketing
*Online Communication
*Social Media

Over 89% of local business comes from online search and 91% of consumer purchases are influenced by online experiences. Companies needs to be positioned to take advantage of that.

At Wired Flare, we understand that you need a solid online strategy that works for everyone in your company...for franchisors and franchisees or management and employees...without all the confusion, frustration, and miscommunication that often goes along with trying to make everyone happy and still create a powerful and controlled online brand.

We understand that you need a unique solution tailored specifically for you, and that’s why at Wired Flare we don’t deliver online “packages” – we deliver results!

The Wired Flare team works with franchises and other organizations all over world to help them achieve their goals using targeted internet marketing and social media strategies. We are a team of experienced Internet communication and social media experts, led by owner Frances Leary, whose background in Folklore has brought a unique perspective to the field of marketing. Contrary to general knowledge, Folklore is more than stories…it’s the communication of belief systems. That, in fact, is exactly what must be done in order to build a company’s brand on the Internet. At Wired Flare we communicate your company’s story in a unique way that reflects you. Making YOU stand out from the competition is what we do best.

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