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About Woods Witt Dealy & Sons

In 5 short years Harry, Gill & Phyllis have built WWD&S into one of New York’s premier independent agencies, serving an impressive list of clients. Here are the 3 pillars it's built on.
FEARLESS. Terror constricts insight, instinct and creativity. Don’t be reckless. Do the homework, do the research. But in the end, the best decisions are made from here (pointing at gut) not here (pointing at head).
FAST. Don’t wait for the paint to dry on a great idea. The digital world moves too fast. Do it, watch it, fix it, then do it again.
FLOW. We make ideas that flow seamlessly from channel to channel. We won’t show you a campaign until we’ve satisfied ourselves that it works across any channel you can employ, even if you don’t know it exists yet.

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