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About Zehnder Communications

Launched in 1996, Zehnder Communications is a full-service, multi-disciplinary marketing agency. But what distinguishes us is our incredibly diverse talent and the way we encourage our clients to become an integral part of the process.

At Zehnder, we’re more than the sum of our parts. We were founded under the premise that great creative and strategy need not be mutually exclusive. That said, we are an inspired team of artists and strategists collaborating to produce engaging and effective results for a variety of clients. Personal pursuits infuse our work with a sense of genuine experience. We’re musicians, explorers, athletes, novelists, and techies. When combined, our unique individual worldviews afford us a distinct understanding of what it means to communicate. That’s our business, after all, and we are passionate about the work we do. Still, we operate every day with the simple principle of being dedicated to our craft, but not taking ourselves too seriously.

Zehnder’s true union of right- and left-brain thinking has created plenty of new opportunities for our clients and us alike. In addition to our original headquarters in New Orleans, we now have offices in Baton Rouge and Nashville, with a team of over 85. We are perpetually evolving along with industry advances in technology and methodology, all while remaining committed to our founding mission statement: Do great work, make a difference for our clients, earn a fair profit, and have fun.

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