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About Us

Ziggle Tech is a New York-based eCommerce and Enterprise Website Design and Development agency. For retailers who are looking to re-platform their eCommerce or digital web platform, we provide consulting services to help choose the right platform for their business and also help them to re-platform and migrate to the new platform. We have partnerships with various technologies and platform providers and our professional expertise leads the way in choosing the right tool for each job. We also provide scalable cloud infrastructure development services for growing businesses.

Some of the technologies and platforms we work with include Shopify/Shopify+, Magento, Spree Commerce, AWS, GCP, WordPress, Drupal, Pantheon, Ruby on Rails and Java. As a team, we have 100+ years of experience in designing, developing, and scaling eCommerce websites and enterprise websites.

Ziggle Tech is a global organization whose expertise includes digital transformation consulting, cloud infrastructure development, web platform modernization, marketing automation, and digital platform engineering.

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