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turning bright ideas into brilliant results

We're a group very different by background and experiences, by personalities and specialties. We're artists. We're suits. We're techies and number crunchers, builders and dreamers and schemers and would-be alchemists trying to turn everything we touch into gold. Some of us say it tastes great, others, less filling. But, as different as we may be, we're a group that just clicks together, and with our clients.

Our bond is borne out of a natural chemistry that started over 26 years ago when Robin Shepherd walked away from a safe and successful career at the biggest agency in the Southeast. He felt creativity should play a larger role in marketing. He had the vision, the passion, and the courage to pursue it. That philosophy and mentality unites and drives our agency to this very day.

Our Mission:
To save the world from the bland and boring, pedestrian and ineffective marketing that threatens to numb consumers to death on a daily basis.

Shepherd has offices in Jacksonville, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia. With 50 employees and a growing client roster, we're an agency on the move.
We love working with smart people. That's what we believe makes the perfect client - a killer combination of intelligence and ambition.
Shepherd is a Jacksonville / Atlanta advertising agency offering integrated branding, marketing, public relations and interactive services.

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