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The Internet is an endless powerhouse and to harness that for your promotional advantage, a leading Digital Marketing Agency like 3DM should be on your side. We give holistic strategies to increase your brand awareness and enhance the brand image. As brand positioning is everything in advertising, we focus on the online campaigns that are interactive, to cater to the relevant customers and render the desire in their minds to take the buying action.

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We have distinct strategies for different social media platforms available to get comprehensive marketing and promotion of your brand in all the digital avenues. We help you with dynamic and responsive websites that empower you to communicate and convert visitors to potential customers. Our in-house analytics team will ensure the maximum reach and penetration of your brand into the social world. Our result-oriented approach and goal-driven strategies will give you nothing but the best possible reach.


3DM & Vijaya Dairy - A combination that worked wonders


Vijaya Dairy was perceived as a less modern brand with very little brand awareness and zero engagement across digital media. People were not even aware of the different products that Vijaya has to offer apart from milk. It was only considered to be a brand for rural areas, due to the lack of awareness of taste and quality.


Established in 1960, Vijaya is a part of everyday life. Dairy is the purest and healthiest source of various nutrients. Hence, Vijaya aims to deliver the goodness of life in its best form. The journey of Vijaya begins with the care and nutrition given to the dairy animals. Furthermore, to ensure the prime quality, they go through numerous tests. Across 50+ dairy products are produced on a regular basis which is delivered to households by different distributors across the state.


To establish Vijaya Dairy as a household name not just in the rural world but in the contemporary areas too. To build an identity across social platforms, establish a presence across platforms and garner audience and attention towards the brand. To build awareness for other products of Vijaya and play around its quality and taste.

Our Approach

It all began with understanding the target audience, what they look for and why? Understanding the competitive space, what is it that they are doing to hold up their customers. How is communication like and what does it take. After thorough research and analysis of the TG, their profiles, the competitor space and the current market trend, we came up with a Creative Communication plan majorly focusing on building a presence, spreading awareness and publishing engaging content across the platforms to keep our users hooked.

User profiles:

Households: It includes an unmarried audience, parents, children, grandparents, and any other individual who buy milk and milk products for immediate consumption. They usually buy milk and milk products on a daily basis and in small quantities

Shopkeepers: Here we included individual shopkeepers, Kirana stores, shops who buy dairy products in bulk and for varied periods depending on product durability. It is generally for resale purposes.

Corporates: It includes company officers who may buy the product in bulk for their in house consumption. These include in-house cafeterias, kiosks, vending machines, etc. The purchases are often made on a daily basis.

Hotels: Here we included small scale individual restaurants, restaurant chains, stores, and hotels. They purchase milk and milk products in bulk and on a daily basis for indirect consumption.

Based on our understanding of Vijaya Dairy and its offerings we figured 5 main touchpoints that Vijaya Dairy stands for. This was showcased through our creatives and content pushed on social platforms to a targeted user base that was a sure shot giver across Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

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