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Big Ideas To Touch Many People

"What a creative is expected to do has shifted quite significantly. We still have to generate big ideas. But those big ideas now also need to be deep and broad ideas because they have to touch people in many different ways."
        -Jon Williams, Chief Digital Officer

A multi-channeled communications agency, working from London to Moscow, from Stockholm to Cape Town. 2,000 individuals in 47 offices, working as one.

We behave as one business, all the talent, all the skill, all the expertise is available to anyone, anywhere in any country. We are the most collaborative communications business, in the business.

We work with 25 of the Fortune top 100. We manage 614 global brands.

We are the only agency to feature in Fast Company’s “50 most innovative companies.” We are the only European Network to have won the Euro Effies four years in a row. We are Grey EMEA.

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