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We deliver Marketing Inspiration.

Added Value offers brand development and marketing insight services to blue-chip companies across all industry sectors. Globally and locally. What we provide is a powerful blend of intellectual rigour and inspired creativity.

Our answers are sharp, strategic and grounded in insight.

A crystal clear definition of the problem. An enlightened understanding of the consumer and the brand. A tight focus on the immediate actions required by the business and the longer term impact that needs to be achieved. A vision, a strategy, the perfect brief.

Our solutions work.

They demonstrate a deep understanding of your market, your business and your organisation. They are delivered by people who understand what it takes to drive ideas into the market. People who have sat where you sit and know how it feels.

Our advice stands the test of time; it has the future inside it.

Sometimes you need to predict the potential size of an opportunity. Sometimes it’s about imagining how you could transform a category. More and more, the focus will be on making a brand’s behaviour sustainable. We have built deep expertise in trends, cultural insight and sustainable marketing to ensure that our answers create lasting value.

We make the complex simple and beautiful.

Many great answers are lost in words. We distil each thought until it speaks for itself.

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