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About Art of Strategy Consulting

Art of Strategy is a purpose-driven, marketing firm specialized in helping companies shape their marketing strategies and act as the mortar between the seemingly disparate components of print marketing, interactive marketing, search engine optimization, content strategy, social media, and paid advertisement. We synchronize your efforts.

Focused on strategy and developing an integrated approach we are not here to just put out a plug-and-play option. What we have seen over and over again, is that while content is king – an increasingly educated audience means that you must communicate TO them versus AT them. By working with you to establish your unique goals, we affect that result by giving you personalized, custom answers that move the needle.

Our core competencies include:
• Marketing Strategic Planning
• Competitive Analysis
• Content Strategy
• Social Media Planning
• Organic Search Engine Optimization
• PPC (Google, Bing, Ad Networks, Facebook)
• Execution on all aspects of our strategy

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