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Why we're unique

Artcraft Health Education is a full-service, award-winning agency specializing in the creation and development of compelling health education solutions for healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers. We have the skills and expertise to overcome health literacy barriers and deliver innovative materials to audiences at every touchpoint: online, point of care, point of counseling, and point of compliance.

We provide the highest levels of clinical expertise through our core competencies of medical illustration, content development, design, animations, web design, and project management. Our extensive experience in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical devices enables us to rise to even the most difficult challenges in health education.

For every complex disease state, we facilitate meaningful discourse between healthcare professionals and patients. For every new mechanism of action, we bring the science to life through dynamic animations. For every difficult dosing regimen, we create compliance aids that simplify the routine and lessen the burden on the patient.

Whatever your particular challenge, we'll apply our trademarked CARE™ principles to craft health education solutions that empower your patients and increase their comprehension and adherence, while helping you achieve your marketing objectives.

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