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About Us

We're a creatively-bent, independent, full service media group based in Sydney.

212° is symbolic of boiling point, as in 212° Fahrenheit, a point where liquid turns to gas, molecules separate from each other and roam free and something new and exciting is created. Whether water or media the conditions need to be just right to create this boiling point where creativity occurs. At Atomic 212° we focus on trying to create just this kind of environment & set of conditions.

At Atomic 212° we have a series of specialist divisions all under one roof:

1. ATOMIC - Digital Marketing, SEO & SEM
2. D212 - Media Planning, Buying & Communications
3. 212 IGNITE - Creative & Content Marketing
4. PULSE 212 - Social Insight
5. 212 MATRIX - Data & Analytics
6. HOTROCKET 212 - Performance Amplification
7. THE FIRECRACKER FACTORY - Content Marketing & PR

Each team consists of experienced and award-winning staff members that specialise in key areas consisting of media planning & buying, search marketing, creative & content marketing, performance amplification, social insight, and data & analytics.

When combined, you can be sure your brand is receiving specialist and dedicated care that makes you stand out from the clutter, both in each specific area, and as a whole.

Our services include Media planning & buying, SEO and SEM, Creative, Social Insight, Social Media strategy & implementation, Web design, Corporate identity, iPad & iPhone magazines, Email marketing, Infographic design, and much, much more...

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