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About Cole & Weber United

Cole & Weber United is a creativity company based in Seattle. Founded in 1931, the agency is known for developing innovative and integrated campaigns that deliver business impact by going beyond traditional advertising to create brand experiences. Over the years, we’ve established a reputation for producing insightful, creatively disruptive, effective and award- winning work.

We’ve recognized that surviving in a competitive market requires constant evolution. And we've not only stayed ahead of the curve, in many cases we've carved the turn. We were also one of the first agencies to enter the digital space. We’ve written and produced our own TV show, built a furniture line and written a graphic novel. Our Flash player enabled live syndication over the Web for the first time ever. And our performance marketing practice defined a new level of accountability for agencies.

In 2005, Cole & Weber became a founding member of the WPP’s United Network and gave the group a West Coast presence.

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