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Why we're unique

COMMUNIQUÉ, Inc. will lift your communication efforts to the next level and make every dollar count. Our strategic communication services include: research, public relations, advertising, event planning, training and consulting and social media.

COMMUNIQUE came into existence in July 1979 in a spare bedroom equipped with a card table, a typewriter, and a rented answering machine. Founder Steve Veile had graduated with a bachelor of Journalism degree from the University of Missouri - Columbia and had built a solid foundation of communication experience and decided to take the plunge and start his own "creative writing service" in that spare bedroom of his home.

In 1983, COMMUNIQUE moved to its current location on East Capitol Avenue. Then in 1984, Veile hired Ed Stroesser, who today serves as COMMUNIQUE's president and chief operating officer.

Despite the agency's success at consumer advertising, having racked up several awards and achieved a comfortably profitable position, Veile recognized in 1986 that retail advertising was not the road he wished COMMUNIQUE to follow. With Stroesser, Veile led the agency in a new direction, choosing work with clients looking for targeted, more strategic solutions rather than simply an attention-getting advertisement. By the turn of the millennium, the agency had developed its major areas of expertise: agriculture, banking, telecommunications and associations.

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