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About DDB Latvia

This is pretty simple question, and can be answered quite shortly – we are advertising agency. But “shortly” is not the reason, why we are in this business.

To be honest – advertising is like laboratory of ideas. We believe, that good ideas are those, who will eventually save the world, that's why we save it day by day.

By being in advertising for already 18 years, we've experienced almost all of it. Campaigns where you could win beepers. Times, when one had to tighten the belt, and when advertising was nothing but announcement or commercial plot. We've also lived through rise of economics. We've helped our clients to create brand new products. We've also helped charity. Helped society. At the end of the day it all matters.
We've also been blessed with awards. Some of them we already have, and some of those we're eager to gain. But awards are not the reason why we are in this business – the real gift is to solve client's brief and to receive next one.

Knowledge known to mostly everyone, that a good commercial kills bad product faster, is as precise as never before. Speaking in terms of a tennis game – ball is on the consumer's side. Not only because of his wallet, but also - because of his voice. People do vote!
Shopping malls are forced to give instant reply to every reported rotten tomato on their twitter account. We love these rules of the game. Advertisement becomes more honest, more opened and more personal. And somehow world turns out to be a bit better as well.

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